Shah Rukh Khan to find a new neighbour in Salman Khan?

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan, the arch contenders of the B-town whose age-old rivalry is quite a known factor in the industry, are reportedly going to be neighbours very soon. Salman, who had been living with his family in Galaxy apartments in a one bedroom flat, is rumoured to shift to a new abode which is very close to SRK’sMannatin Bandra Bandstand, Mumbai.

Shah Rukh Khan to find a new neighbour in Salman Khan?

It has been told that Salman’s present room is falling short of space in housing his dogs and other things, along with his family. A source revealed, “For over two decades, Salman bhai has lived in a one-bedroom flat in Galaxy Apartments. But now with his many dogs and other things, the space appears too small for him. He is most likely to move into Sagar Resham, which is just two buildings away from Mannat.”

Salman is believed to have paid a lofty amount of Rs. 100 crore for his new residence, which is owned by a Gujarati family and offers a clear sea view. A Sagar Resham resident has been quoted as saying, “Salman has even come to our building on more than a couple of occasions to check out the place. The deal between the owners and Salman is nearly finalized.”

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