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Brad Pitt says ‘No’ for a part in 12 Years a Slave


Star actor Brad Pitt has reportedly refused to let a vital part of his upcoming film, 12 Years a Slave be shown on the big screen. The actor has found that the part of the movie carries some substances that he won’t like his young children to watch as they will get disturbed. Brad has given a big ‘NO’ to the makers for it and has supposedly asked them to remove it.

Brad Pitt says ‘No’ for a part in 12 Years a Slave

The flick will be a directorial piece of Steve McQueen. The story of the movie will center on a real life story, based on Solomon Northup`s personal account of being a free man in New York in the pre-civil war days and who is kidnapped and sold into slavery. It appears that family comes first for Pitt and he is now concerned what will be appropriate for his kids to watch and what not to watch.

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