Britneys fianc may soon have a legal say in her well being

Britneys fianc may soon have a legal say in her well beingPop star Britney Spears, who had recently expressed her desire to be free of herfathers conservatorship and to take control of her life and money, may soon have one more person, herfianc Jason Trawick, watching over her. Britneys father Jamie Spears was given legal control over theWomanizer star's affairs in 2008 following the hospitalization of the singer after her public meltdown.What could be seen as a hint of early wedding of Britney and Trawick, Jamie is requesting a court toadd the latter as a co-conservator over Britney, the Daily Mail reported. "Trawick will only have sharedlegal control over his fiances general well-being, but not her finances," a source said. The sourceadded, "This is probably a compromise between Britney, her father and Trawick to get the marriageoff on the right foot. Obviously, her future husband needs to have a say in her well being," the sourceadded.