15 Best Saas Of TV Of All Times!

An important part of the Indian Tv serials are the Saas baahu drama. Believe it or not, the greatest part of TV viewing in India is about watching a saas bahu saga on TV. Ekta Kapoor has made this drama eternal for Indian Tv. And while we have tried to move forward from this, their extreme popularity still forces makers to go back to this genre over and over again!

In a saas baahu drama, the role of the saas is as important as that of the baahu. While generally it has been shown that the mother in law would always try and create problems in the lives of the baahus, sometimes Tv shows have tried going beyond it and showing Saas in the best light possible. They have often been portrayed as loving and affectinate from the very begining of the show, while in others they have turned to a new leaf and supported the daughter-in-laws in all possible ways!

Here's a list of the 15 best saas of TV of all times:

15 Best Saas Of Indian Television!