5 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar Deserved Every Bit Of His National Award Honor!

More than 100 movies under his filmography, relentless persistence for two and a half decades, countless hours of struggle and Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia popularly known as Akshay Kumar stands duly recognized today. Akshay Kumar has a Best Actor National Award honor under his name and nobody saw this coming whatsoever. So while most corners of assessment would stand divided on this jury selection, we’ll just congratulate Akshay on the biggest achievement of his life to date.

5 Reasons Why Akshay Kumar Deserved Every Bit Of His National Award Honor!

This win is special for a number of reasons. A faintly skilled actor who banked on his action skills to sail through most part of his initial career, triumphantly came over each of his shortcomings. This National Award isn’t just an incentive to his performance in Rustom or Airlift, it should be seen as a reflection of that very interesting career spanning for more than two decades.

Here are 5 reasons why we think Akshay Kumar deserved every bit of his National Award:

Because He Deserved It

For every winner the jury picks each other, there are perhaps 20 actors in country who feel robbed. While 2016 was a year of experimentation through genres, not any performance this year was predicted to be a distant winner. Akshay in Airlift and as well as Rustom was absolutely spot on and if National Award Jury thinks it was worthy of being the Best Actor, there shouldn’t be any qualms about it.                                        

He Proved Himself To Be A Complete Actor

While action is what defined him for a large part of his first decade in the industry, Akshay let comedy take over post then. However, his brave choices of cinema in the last few years has made him the actor we thought he had the potential of being. Besides that, Akshay has proven how he can be versatile and still deliver success consistently at the same time.

Choice of Cinema

Akshay Kumar has made some extraordinary changes in the process of selecting movies. Right from Special 26, Baby, Airlift, Rustom and Jolly LLB 2, the actor has given a new direction in redefining himself. While most stars are finding it confusing to break the shackles, Akshay has not only found it but also found a way to crack it.

Making Cinema Relevant

Those who seek cinema only as a source of entertainment have never been disappointed with Akshay Kumar movies. However, the way Akshay has used cinema to craft socially relevant stories wrapped around ample doses of entertainment is worthy of acknowledgement. While he has associated himself with a lot of social causes uplifting the general spirit, he has brought audiences to theaters more importantly.

While there are more reasons we can submit to support our idea, let the big day take it easy. So now if you meet someone who has reservations about Akshay being chosen the Best Actor, just show them this article.