5 Times Jaya Bachchan Proved That She Is A School Teacher On The Loose!

As prestigious a position as the Bachchan family holds in the hearts of cinema lovers, a member of the clan, Jaya Bachchan seems to have made it her permanent business to bash up the media on every encounter! She is increasingly becoming the angry old woman of B Town as the instances as such are piling up and are becoming more funny than rash!  While media won’t quit with their questions but even Mrs. Bachchan has made it a point to make certain that they take home a sure shot lesson in public courtesy and respecting privacy!

5 Times Jaya Bachchan Proved That She Is A School Teacher On The Loose!

Here are five instances where she imparted valuable lessons in journalism to the journalists themselves-

Lesson 1 – How not to acknowledge her family on first name basis –

This particular case where a photographer referred to her daughter in law as Aishwarya at an event where they walked in together! Well Senior Mrs. Bachchan cut the journalist off in between and gave him the much needed lesson in courtesy immediately!

Lesson 2 – How not ask questions out of context –

Well news was that her husband Amitabh Bachchan was under a cancer threat and a journalist choose to question Jaya about it when she was spotted at a luxury designer store launch in Juhu.  Here is the second very angry lesson she was forced to impart.

Lesson 3 – Where not to ask her political questions –

At a film event when a journalist asked her about her expectations from the national budget as a citizen of the country, the answer was an outright abuse.

Lesson 4 – To question her only about herself –

Questions on rest of her family are not permitted because she is not their spokesperson! Message received loud and clear!!

Lesson 5 – Not to flash cameras in her face –

Well this one was for students! Recently at event in a educational institution Jaya gave a lengthy agitated lesson as to how she has must be asked before anyone flashes a camera at her in a public event!

Well while all journalists sit in confusion as to what exactly they may ask Mrs. Bachchan, she is holding a permanent pluck card stating loud and clear DON’T ANGRY ME! Take a chill pill Jaya Ma'am we don't mean to disrespect you, it's just our love for you that sometimes is expressed in ways that you don't like!