6 Differences You Can Expect Between MS Dhoni- The Untold Story And Sachin- A Billion Dreams

Movies on cricket have always been a buzz in the film industry. And when we talk of biopics on cricketers, it adds an extra taste to it. In the past 2 years, we have witnessed 2 excellent movies viz. Azhar and MS Dhoni- The Untold Story; and now here we await the release of the third biopic- Sachin: A billion dreams. While the first two movies had actors from industry, the next movie would have Sachin himself in the lead role.

6 Differences You Can Expect Between MS Dhoni- The Untold Story And Sachin- A Billion Dreams

Now, here let’s have a look at what all differences we can expect in the movies:

 Humor and personal character

Dhoni has been known as a man who is very calm on the field and personally known to be witty in nature. Although, Sachin is also known to be very humble but when it’s come to cool, Dhoni definitely wins it.

Other interests- like friendship, bikes

Apart from cricket, Dhoni as a person is known as someone who is very fond of bikes and has lot many friends. These things definitely connect to the youth and bring closer to the movie.

Love life and appeal to youth

We all were aware of the love-life of Dhoni and Sakshi, but the love story with Priyanka Jha came as a surprise which the viewers liked.

Also, Dhoni the movie started from his childhood and covered his youth life, whereas we might expect Sachin’s movie to be emphasizing more on the latter part of his cricketing career.

Story revolves around 2011 world cup

Dhoni movie has been built around and ended with the theme of 2011 World cup which we the Indians feel very close to our heart. On the other hand, Sachin’s movie would be revolving around the contribution of Sachin to Indian cricket.

The current fan base is more inclined towards Dhoni

Dhoni is still in the Indian team, and on the other hand Sachin retired from cricket 4 years back. This might lead to a low viewer base.

Connect with people

Dhoni belongs to a very small town and by his consistent efforts made to the national team. On the other hand, Sachin was from Mumbai and didn’t have much trouble making to the national team.