Katappa Reveals Fantastic New Details About Baahubali Sequel

Baahubali: The Conclusion is the most anticipated sequel in Indian film history—and actor Sathyaraj reveals new details about the film.

After the epic first installment that dazzled us with superb effects and fascinating story, fans have been craving for the sequel ever since. Little by little, details have emerged that have raised the expectations even further.

Katappa Reveals Fantastic New Details About Baahubali Sequel

Now, actor Sathyaraj who played the pivotal role of Katappa in the first film has spilled out more details from the film, which releases next year.

According to the actor, the Baahubali sequel would be more bigger and crucial than the original. In addition, the audiences would get to watch more graphics, the war sequences would also be bigger and the major highlights of the movie will also be larger. 

Sathyaraj will join the set of Baahubali: The Conclusion at the end of ths month. The shoot will go forward till November and later the makers will start the VFX and post production work.

It is scheduled to hit the theaters on 14th April 2016 in various languages. 

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