15 Times Bollywood Actors Set The Screen On Fire With These Item Songs!

Item songs have become a part of Bollywood with the 90s. Before that, there were item songs but they were not as prominent as they are now! In fact, Chaiyya Chaiyya and Chamma Chamma is probably one of the first item songs that everyone is still in love with. Even songs like Jumma Chumma or the songs on which Helen immortalised the cabaret dance are etched in our hearts.

With the passing days item songs became a rage. We would see one in every song and actresses portrayed their sensual side with the song! But the new trend had changed the game completely. Now even the actors are joing the bandwagon of item songs and we are just loving it.

Here's a list of 15 item songs where the actors set fire on the screen with their 'jalwa':

Bollywood Actors Who Set The Screen On Fire With These Item Songs!