16 Hit Bollywood Films That Did Not Need Any Promotion At All!

The entire hoopla around film promotions in Bollywood has become almost annoying. Around the time of a film’s release we see the leading pair of the film is quite literally everywhere and doing the very same gigs and asking the audiences to march to the theatres. As much as the promotions of Bollywood films need a fresh appeal, there have been some big movies over the years that did not require any promotions, as one aspect of the film was already taking care of the anticipation building. There come only a very few movies in a year that make us jump in joy in their anticipation. The reasons regarding the buzz around the movie can be many like good content, big stars or controversy, they are all good news for the film makers. Here is a list of Bollywood films that could have made it as big even without promoting them!

bollywood films that did not require any promotions