18 Bollywood Movies That Critics Loved But Audience Just Didn't Care

Let's face it, the world over cinema is in a weird place right now. Nowadays, there are more critics hired to review every movie than ever before. But simultaneously, general people -- the section that reads such reviews -- are now more than they have ever been before as well. Also, along with it, there is more understanding of cinema, both as an art form and business. And it doesn't end there.

There is more and more technology that goes into cinema these days, which has the capacity to elevate the cinematic experience but at the same time, it can decrease the human touch that has made cinema such a spectacular form till now. Also, cinema is more of an industry now, with processes like market research and brand promotions that end up influencing the creative decisions that go into the filmmaking process. 

All of this, among other things, results in unexpected reaction towards a movie from an audience. The common viewer, despite being more educated than ever before about the art form, ends up making choices that don't complement with the knowledge they have. 

The following examples are truly heart-breaking:

*Box office numbers are based on internet research. **Only domestic figures are considered for this article.