13 Films That The Censor Board Doesn't Want You To See!

Bollywood has had its share of controversies in terms of content and making of the film. There aren't just entertainment romantic comedies and dance-drama routines. There are films which are high on content and face the wrath of the Censor Board for its ability to deal with the truth with realism. With the latest example of 'Aligarh' being banned by the state for defaming the city's name for disclosing a case of homosexuality. Earlier, 'Parzania' was banned by the state government of Gujarat for showing the atrocities of 2002 Gujarat riots. 

Censor Board has had problems with explicit sexual content, violence and often films like 'Fire' and 'Unfreedom' were banned for being 'vulgar' and 'obscene'.

Check out the other films which have had release issues with the censor board.