Here's How Bollywood's Privileged Men & Poor Editing Made IIFA Awards 2017 A Complete Disaster!

Bollywood just hit a new low with the airing of IIFA Awards 2017!

It’s not like we haven’t witnessed any other award shows that don’t take digs on controversial Bollywood celebs, but IIFA 2017 ended up digging old graves which don’t seem to be resting in peace at all!

The award show was anyway clumsy, shabbily edited and camera angles were bizarre. The best and the grandest looking performances looked dull because the frames were too out of focus. In any of the performances, except for Shahid, Kriti and Sushant or even Varun, the performers weren’t visible at all! The whole grandeur of the stage and background dancers along with too many lights and art work were highly distracting.

Coming over to the blunders, Katrina was teleporting during her own win. She was shown sitting in the audience while she was on the stage too! There was also a Khatron Ke Khiladi clip playing for about 2-3 minutes where the spelling of ‘during’ was misspelt as ‘dyring’ on international television!

Our sincere prayers for the edit and broadcast team of IIFA!

After all these glitches, the worst was when Karan Johar, Varun Dhawan and Saif Ali Khan joined in to take a dig on Kangana! These privileged men of Bollywood seem to be so hurt and impacted by Kangana’s Koffee With Karan comments on Nepotism in Bollywood, that it has become their worst nightmare, which the award show script writers took advantage of. A person who wasn’t even present in the audience was taken dig at a couple of times. It was surprising to see Varun (who himself is a product of Nepotism) joining the gang and mentioning Bole Choodiyan, Bole Kangana (pun intended) to which Karan said that it’s better Kangana doesn’t speak at all.

What followed, was even more funny and exposed the insecurities of these flag bearers of Nepotism when they took sly digs at each other saying that they were too a product of Nepotism. Saif blamed it on his mother Sharmila, Karan on his late father Yash Johar. Varun of course was blamed to be a product of Nepotism for being David Dhawan’s son.

The point that came across was not as a scripted award show, but as a script where both the hosts and makers of the award show were bullying actors like school kids.

It was more like bullying someone who told the truth that hurts the ear, so the privileged lot decided to make fun of themselves and the person, sparing no one!

IIFA perhaps came as the worst award show in 2017, bringing the glamour and excitement of Bollywood Award shows to a new low!