SRK Turns ‘Characterless’ For Jab Harry Met Sejal!

Bollywood has always been a place where males dominate, much like the entire society at large. While there are several cases of female harassment, casting couch and insensitive comments against women; there are also many celebs who are pro women and support them through their work and actions.

One of the most prominent of such actors is Shah Rukh Khan. Not only has he spoken for women, but has also made it a point to fight for women’s equality in the industry! Then what has happened that he is calling himself ‘characterless’ who looks at women with ‘gandi nazar’.

Well, we do not wish to give you a heart attack. Shah Rukh Khan is still the same. But his character in Jab Harry Met Sejal, Harry has a little ‘dhila’ Character. How do we know it? Because the first promo is already here.

In the promo, Harry calls himself characterless and is shown as a man who loves drinking and spending time with women! He explains to Sejal that he is ‘characterless’.

But what attracted our aatention is Anushka Sharma’s Sejal, who seems to be a naïve, innocent Gujju who cannot understand what Harry is saying.

The promo is hilarious and is refreshing. It will definitely make you all the more impatient.

Check out the promo here: