The #UltraBeliebers Squad Get To Watch Justin Bieber Performing Live, VVIP Style!

To what extent were you willing to go to grab those Justin Bieber concert passes! It was, in fact, easier than you would have thought!

If you’re a Bieber fan, we bet you can sing his songs even in your dreams. But can you sing them in Hindi!  Yes, Hindi!

Kingfisher Ultra started this incredibly fun contest and the winners, the lucky #UltraBeliebers, will win passes to the concert! As crazy as this may sound, singing a Bieber song in Hindi, could have been your ticket to the biggest concert of the year! And not just any ticket! We are talking about a VVIP ticket and access to the Ultra Lounge hosted by Jacqueline Fernandez and the after-party.

Take a look at the masterpieces posted by some of the #UltraBeliebers. Could you have beaten them? Kingfisher Ultra’s VVIP passes would have been your big win! 

This dude masqueraded for his rendition!  

People actually took the trouble to write original parodies and their own wacky versions.

Mr. Sumrani ended up being spotted by Abhishek Bachchan on Twitter and AB Junior couldn’t stop laughing at this parody! 

Golgappa Girl sang about Dosa and Coffee!

These are only a few of the many creative keedas who showcased their talent!

Have a dekko at this user mashup video by Kingfisher Ultra and see how #UltraBeliebers have been swooning over Bieber in India!