Audience Opinion: Pehredar Piya Ki - Is Marriage The Only Way To Look After Someone?


The conception of this series rests on precarious grounds. It is glamourised child marriage. As for the title, marriage is not the only way to look after someone. Through its recent publicity, the series suggests that this is an accidental marriage, not a planned one. Why can't a grown woman hold off a child's hand and disagree with the marriage part?

The institution of marriage is paramount according to PPK. So what if it's a 10 year old marrying a 20 year old who wanted a husband, not a son? Now there is no choice. They will remain devoted by virtue of being married. This serial would have been refreshing and exciting had she been just his advisor or bodyguard or a minister.

There is no concept of fairness or choice for the woman. She's stuck with it, and the sexism is so ingrained that she's happy to be stuck with it. Her sole purpose in life was to get married to protect and guard the honour... **yawn**

The purpose of marriage alliances among royalty has been to produce heirs to keep the dynasty going, or for political alliances. Are they encouraging sex between a minor and a grownup?

Audience Opinion: Pehredar Piya Ki - Is Marriage The Only Way To Look After Someone?

In this case even the poor boy has no agency. It's probably safe to assume that a 10 year old does does not have the capacity to give consent to getting married, simply because he does not quite understand the importance of his decision. Even if he has a crush on the older girl and likes the idea of being married to her, he may not feel the same 5 years down the line (when he will still be a child). Will somebody please tell him that?If he has indeed gotten married on purpose, nobody even tried to stop it because he's a boy. So he can do what he likes, no matter how idiotic.

With reference to above, do royal marriages count as valid if they're not consummated? Even if it is a show about "different human relationships", ultimately the institution of marriage comes with its own baggage. Is it expected that they will have sex even if it's eventually and once he is of age? Perhaps the point is that parents are fine with handing over the parenting of their children to random people. Shaadi ho gayi na, bas. That's all that matters.

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