15 TV Actresses Who Are Above 30 And Happily Single!

In the patriarchal society we live in, the marriagable age for girls is a big headache for the society! Once a girl reaches her 20s, everyone around a woman seem to get concerned about her marriage. It is a huge deal and others have so many thoughts in their heads- what if the girl crosses her 'marriageable age' and never gets a chance to settle down, what if her biological clock is over!

But we have so many women who are 30+ and happily single. While some of them are just too focused on their career to be dating, some have walked over a marriage and trying to establish themselves and build an identity for themselves. Many such women also belong to our TV industry!

Here's a list of 15 TV actresses who are above 30 and Hapiily single:

15 TV Actresses Who Are Above 30 And Enjoying Singlehood!