Enmity between Hansika Motwani and Anushka?

A cold war between stars has come to light and this time the faces on opposite sides are Hansika Motwani and Anushka. The news buzzing the town is that hatred is gripping the hands of the two and it has come to this point that Hansika and Anushka are now never seen together neither onscreen nor off screen.

Enmity between Hansika Motwani and Anushka?

It was learnt that on the audio launch ofSingam2, onlyHansika was present and Anushka didn’t make her appearance on the same. Whereas Anushka attended the Telugu version's audio launch but Hansika didn’t as if both make sure that the other is not present at a specific event or film. Well, the actresses became friends inSingam2 after war of words, but no one knows what’s cooking back stage.

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