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Smita Vyas Kumar

Movie Jockey
Smita Vyas Kumar
Joined 4 years, 5 months ago | From Mumbai
Bio: Full time mother, most times entrepreneur and weekend movie watcher, I love dabbling in various things, most of them completely unrelated to the education I received at IIM,Bangalore. I am a workshop junkie and have tried everything from dandiya garba classes to poetry writing and from turning pottery wheels to ... read more

Smita Vyas Kumar reviewed PK

4 hours, 8 minutes ago


PK or without PK this movie is outstanding


PK is an exceptional movie. It has a story with a believable fairy tale premise that goes forward...read more

Smita Vyas Kumar reviewed Badlapur Boys

1 week ago

Badlapur Boys

Badlapur boys go home and stay there.


Badlapur Boys is a very boring film. There were large parts of it pre-interval where I caught a w...read more

Smita Vyas Kumar reviewed Action Jackson

2 weeks ago

Action Jackson

The worst movie I have ever seen


Prabhudeva and Ajay Devgun are in urgent need of a surgery. A lobotomy to be precise to cut out t...read more

Smita Vyas Kumar reviewed Happy Ending

4 weeks ago

Happy Ending

A happy ending for the viewer


There is a dialogue in Happy Ending where the ageing superstar who has hired the scriptwriter to ...read more

Smita Vyas Kumar reviewed Kill Dil

1 month ago

Kill Dil

Suicidal bore


Kill dil has three constants: Ranveer’s wide eyed innocent look, Ali Zafar’s pained, ...read more

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