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3 Reviews

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A Single Man
Anumeha Singh
Anumeha Singh Time-Passer
A Single Man was the most enjoyable movies this summer. However, only those with patience and tolerance for films and different ideas should watch this movie. The movie is different from your average Hollywood movie. There is less masala and more thought needs to be applied while watching the movie. The movie also is not very fast, it does not drag either, but its strong story needs to be told slow. It is full of flashbacks and the whole movie is about one day in the life of George Falconer, who I must say Colin Firth does a beautiful job in portraying.

With a strong script, we also see fantastic work done by all the actors. Julianne Moore does a marvelous job and really reaches out to the audience. Colin Firth playing a homosexual man was also very very very convincing. The third character who I enjoyed watching was Nicholas Hoult ( you may remember him from About A Boy, or the famous TV series, Skins). He too has performed wonderfully. I have only compliments for the whole cast and crew of the movie and the superb job they all did in the movie.

I would say that definitely go and watch A Single Man if you are looking for something for sophisticated and out of the box. The movie is full of surprises and has an original screenplay. It may be a little dry in parts but I think that was intended by the director. If you go and watch this movie with an open mind, you will definitely walk out a 100% satisfied and content!
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Nitin Bhola
Nitin Bhola Time-Passer
This is what i call a top class near perfect film. Five minutes into the film and you get totally involved with characters. The story revolves arou... read more

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