• Ameet Bhuvan

    Wreck-It Ralph Review - a Sugar Rush

    Rated 2.0 by Ameet Bhuvan Nov 9, 2012

    Not a Toy story yet one with a heart

    Wreck it Ralph is about a video game character who is tired of his image of a bad guy and wants an image makeover. He escapes out of his game, to end up in another one, "Sugar Rush," a racing game set in a confectionary wonderland where he meets a young racer named Vanellope and together they manage to anger the bad guy King Candy.

    The film is a wonderland for video game regulars- enough winks and nods to both copywrighted and original new characters that have enthralled a generation of video game addicts from the 80's. Yet at the same time, the film has enough meat in it to engage the new gen kids who havent been raised on a diet of anything other than x boxes.

    The graphics are good, the effects lovely, and 3D is more than just a gimiick. What doesnt really work though is that the film gets too syrupy sweet at a point, beyond which it is difficult to digest it. The movie is breezy and flowy but not with any startling suspense in the form of a plot twist. Everything gets resolved easily without much of a glitch and that makes one get off the proceedings with a sigh.

    Wreck it Ralph is not a Toy Story or a Wall E. What it has though is its heart in the right place, ensuring some warm moments. Catch it for its sheer nostalgia of arcade games.