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  • Bahubali 2: The Conclusion with so many beautiful Illusions

    Sarthak Mehta

    Desimartini | Updated - May 05, 2017 23:30 PM IST
    3.8DM (35700 ratings)
    Bahubali 2: The ConclusionWatch trailerRelease date : April 27, 2017

    I would like to start this review by thanking S.S. Rajamouli for gifting the Indian Cinema with such a beautiful movie.

    The entire cast made sure that they the audience stays glued to their seats for the visual grandeur that was possible due to the diligence, hardworking and perseverance of the entire Baahubali team owing to which this could become one of the top-grossed and awaited movie in India.The name Baahubali speaks for itself. The entire team delivered a package of visual feasts, and heart throbbing action making sequence sure that the audience gets a movie worth every penny they spend to relish this blissful experience. Stating Baahubali as a film would be an understatement, because it was complete with brilliant actors who outshine their roles to perfection, justifiying their character by simply reliving it and also made us leave the hall with such artistic feel and aura that we would still be mesmerised by their performances and would be in awe to see 3 hrs of masterclass perfection and expertise that one would come across rarely. With this movie, the director S.S Rajamouli proved himself that he is not even a man of masses but can also capture frames of emotion as well.The background score which was composed by M.M .Keeravani was so topnotch that it poured life in many of the scenes. The relation between a son and a mother, was described as lucidly and as pure as it can be. The movie starts off where it ended in the part-1, Kattapa(Satyaraj) reveals to baahubali (Prabhas) of how he was robbed of his rights to the throne and how he murdered his grandmother and tortured his mother Devasena (Anushka) and how he took over the kingdom of Mahishmathi. There are a lot of unexpected turns and twists in the movie which were perfectly depicted by the director. The main story revolves around two characters, Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra baahubali which was potrayed by prabhas, he was literally the star of the show he literally resembled and showed us the significance of how a true warrior and a hero must be. His long wait of over 5 years, his dedication and his perservance has surely paid off. On the other hand, the villain Bhallaladeva potrayed by Rana daggubatti was as ferocious and fierce as it could be. His screen presence made the fights more exhiliarating and exciting. The movie also shows encourages to showcase digital effects such as VFX and 360 degree cams and a lot of new technology which would give the upcoming moviemakers and directors the confidence in investing in a new global trend which would raise the standard of Indian cinema. Finally I would conclude by giving a tribute to this team for giving movie lovers such a wonderful film to relish upon, and also for instilling a feel that a movie can be watched more than one time if it has the right content and script.

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