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Dehraadun Diary Movie Reviews - Rating

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2 Reviews

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Dehraadun Diary
Inspector VIjay
Inspector VIjay Movie Jockey

Every once in a while, there comes an experience when your work makes the beauty of a cinema hall feel like a torture chamber, when being a writer is the worst job & when you fail to understand why Bollywood churns out redundant crap (without stars even).

Unfortunately, that for me was the first film this year!

So what is Dehraadun Diary:

1. One of two innocent sweet lovers murdered - Check

2. Killer is related to the living lover - Check

3. Political angle thrown in - Check

4. Fight against the corrupt system - Check

5. Dastardly turarounds by witnesses - Check

6. Candlight Vigil ala Rang De Basanti - Check

7. Good wins over Evil - Check

8. Title really making no sense - Check

9. Hamming to another level by majority of the cast - Check

10. Expletives thrown in every now & then to establish gritty feel - Check

11. Viewer left deeply disturbed - Check

I feel a bit for Adhayan Suman as the guy can act. Sadly, this does him only damage. At one point when the brother of the dead cries out loud in frustration, I looked around at the 8 other people in the theater & we all thought to ourselves, what idiots these guys must be to come watch this out of choice.
I'm sure they werent give a choice either. Amen.

P.S- My car tyre blew up on the way back home. Unrelated but added to the frustration.

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Vinay Time-Passer
moviesJan 9, 2013


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