Nirbhaya continues.

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - July 10, 2017 11:13 PM IST
    3.1DM (3995 ratings)

    Verdict - Not for the faint hearted.

    MomWatch trailerRelease date : July 07, 2017
    Remember 'Yeh Laal Rang Kab Hame Chodega'( Raj Kumar -Hema Malini).Blood bath still continues.Here it's Nirbhaya which continues .Why? Why no speedy justice?Why resort to vigilantism?
    All these and more were presented in Pink,then Maatra,now it's Mom.
    In all the crime is perpetrated in the Delhi - NCR region.
    In Pink the employed teenagers were violated by wealthy goons but justice was rendered.In Maatra,the pre- teenage daughter got killed with no justice.The mother had to take law in her own hands and surrendered.Here, the teenager survives,but only as a wreak.Justice denied is compensated by self vegilantism ,again the Mom,is the avenger.
    Where Mom scores? The proceedings grip the viewer from start to finish,except for a break for a song in the second half.The debut director( Ravi Udaiwar) has full command on the story.Screenplay(Girish Kohli) is taut.Performances by all are excellent.Sridevi is a caring mother despite her elder daughter ( Sajal Ali,the victim) mistrusting her.Nawazuddin Siddiqui( a detective) and Akshay Khanna( the selfless cop) play to perfection.Abhimanyu Singh( one of the goon) is devilish.The modus of seeking revenge is novel,specially the castration and poisoning through the seeds of apples.Care has been taken to leave no trace of the killings.The meetings between the detective and Mom is discreet.The cop who has failed to get justice is secretly following all killings.He is double minded- to haul up the Mom or to empathise with her.
    One must understand that even though the accused are aquitted for lack of reliable evidence ,it took inly 37 days for the lower fast track court to give a judgement.
    One liners that were effective-'Mom has ten eyes,nothing misses her sight';'Since God is not visible everywhere,he's created mother':' Bachchon ko samjhaney ki nahin,samajhney ki zaroorat hai';'Bhaley hi police adaalat main haar Jai,phir bhi us par Bharosa rakhey'.
    Any number of scene stealers- the rave party scenes,every time the detective and the Mom meet,the fear of a castrated voilator,the poisoning scenes,the sudden appearance of a goon in the detectives office.
    The editing is superb.
    The short comings-the victim and one of the perpetraitor are school students.Assuming they are in +2 students,they ought to be 17 of age ( minors ) ,not major,.The trial ought to be in a juvenile court,not as shown.POCSO ought to have been enforced.Rape trials in open court? Women police lodges the FIR and follows up.Was any FIR filed? At most a missing report is explicitly filed,that too oral.Perhaps one had to infer that all pre - investigation proceedures were gone through.
    Why didn't the parents appeal in the appellate court?( In real life parents of Nirbhaya did go in appeal.Perhaps since it was a case of death penalty,it had to be referred ).For highly placed people to take law into their own hands is a food for thought.
    Some observations-dilgent cops do trace the suspects to perfection and in no time,speedy trial us in the hands of a particular judge,justice may be delayed,it's never denied,vigilantism is the anti-thesis of the rule of law,women themselves must realise that they should not streach the freedoms to the extent of being vulnerable,crimes are committed at places where all kind of shady people frequent ,parental advice should not be ignored,with corruption all over ,never never leave things to chance.
    All in all,Mom is a must view.Perhaps one of the notable film of the first half of the year.

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