A 'spoof' of Simran.

  • Dev Raj Gulati

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - October 13, 2017 6:37 PM IST
    2.8DM (243 ratings)

    Verdict - Listless.Avoid.

    Ranchi DiariesRelease date : October 13, 2017
    After the surfeit of content driven films,comes the ' dull fortnight ' pre - Diwali,wherein all the ' junk' gets an opening to be released.The movie under review belongs to this category.
    What's RD about? Gudiya Sharma( Soundarya Sharma),an aspiring Shakira and Manish aka Monu( Himansh Kohli),an small time safe- cracker are in love.Being on an ' assignment', Monu is unable to elope with Gudiya.Instead he's hauled up for a ' botched ' kidnapping along with his fellow friends.The cop SN Choubey( Satish Kaushik) demands a bribe of Rs 5 lakhs for their release.But they are all broke.
    What do the do?
    A la Simran ( in La Vegas in Simran),they plan to loot the Sahkari Grameen Bank .All they have are toy guns,burkaas and two stand biyes.Their booty consists of all currency in one thousand notes.Just the next day the PM has demonetised these notes.It's all ' effort ' waisted.
    Any positives' ? None,except the mercy of watching the film for just 97 minutes running time.
    The negatives? Galore.The mafioso( Anupam Kher) and the Naxalites angle is out of place.All performances and characterisations are poor.The Jharkhand police is either corrupt( Satish Kaushik) or inefficent( Jimmy Shergill).No arms,no stragey,no will power,nothing.All songs are mere fillers.Direction and screen play is D grade.Lesson drawn- when in need of money,just' loot' a bank a la Simran.
    Such movies are better in can than show cased in multiple screens.