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  • Fun film in most parts with some good acting

    Madan Mohan Marwah

    Desimartini | Updated - November 23, 2014 19:01 PM IST
    3.3DM (1073 ratings)
    2.6Critic (5 ratings)

    Verdict - Only for those who love sophisticated city based romantic comedies and for fans of Saif

    Happy EndingWatch trailerRelease date : November 21, 2014

    Artists, writers and directors will agree that romcoms or romedies are many times more difficult to make than straight drama since the written work has to produce laughter at a very fast rate, there is a need for punchlines frequently and the one liners must tickle. Sadly this movie falls short but not entirely.

    The movie is meant for  the adult multiplex audience, and for the English speaking types who can differentiate between writer's block and mental block and phonetics of peanuts and penis. Considerable dialogue is in English. The story revolves around Saif and the following would describe him.

    The setting is Los Angeles and Las Vegas where our metrosexual hero ( Saif) is a writer,a one book wonder with a roving eye.. 

    He is down in the dumps, his bank balance is low and his car has been taken back by the bank since he has defaulted on payments. He has a confused personal life.

    He is running away from Kalki who loves him to the point of possessiveness and wants to marry him. To keep tabs on him she is on a mobile phone tracker called " No space"

    He is afraid to say " I love you" since he feels it is the beginning of the end of a perfectly good relationship. His confusion starts the moment the chemistry leads to a requirement  of a commitment. 

    He is asked to write a script on a romedy by an ageing star ( Govinda) who wants a" kickass" script for his entry into the multiplex from single screen.

    He has an ongoing affair with another Mills and Boon type writer( Ileana)  to whom he is afraid to commit.

    Saif also keeps contact with his friend, agony aunt and ex girl friend Preity Zinta,now with 3 children who advises him when required and also moves in for a day after a tiff with her husband. 

    To mentor him from time to time he has two sources, one from his alter ego ( played by Saif himself) and another from his buddy( Ranvir Shorey) who is his BFF( best friend forever) 
    With this setup, we have situations and dialogue coming up which remind us of Love aaj kal, Friends with benefits,  Friends, some Hugh Grant films etc..The dialogue has punch most of the time, things move fast and background is scenic.The first half has good gags.Some samples.

    Saif says all men are dogs of two types, you have to decide which type you are.

    Saif says " My priorities are fame,paisa and girls not fame,paisa and daru . I am not Devdas".  
    Saif tells author also to interact with audience in a book reading session and not just read throughout and bore them to death.
    This movie has a sparkling first portion, an okay middle portion but a dragging last portionwhich is boring with too much of dialogue. Maybe a duration of 90 minutes will make a better film instead of existing 2 hours plus.
    Direction( Raj and DK) keeps a good pace with some frothy dialogue but the pace slackens in the second half, a very common occurrence.There is some amusing fun making of the ways of Bollywood where Govinda wants total escapism in the movie after plagiarizing from foreign films, emphasis on 6 pack etc,
     Saif is fully at home playing the urban playboy, a character he has done before and in which he excels.
    Ileana, Kalki,Govinda, and Ranvir.have all done well.There is some spontaneous acting by all.
    Music is catchy and songs are already hits. Photography is attractive feature of the film.

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    Utkarsh Dwivedi

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  • Madan Mohan Marwah

    Madan Mohan Marwah

    331 Reviews , 21 Followers
    Rated 3.0November 23, 2014

    Fun film in most parts with some good acting

    Artists, writers and directors will agree that romcoms or romedies are many times more difficult to make than straight drama since the written more

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    Happy Ending

    Hey, Saif's character lets you know at the outset DONT FALL IN LOVE WITH ME...woh hamari problem hai we dont take him seriously, take on the film more

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    A Cliched Satire on Romcom Cliches

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    Mashup of old cliche romcom saga!

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    Rated 3.0November 21, 2014

    Happy Ending- Haphazard ending, but a happy film

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