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  • Justice League : DC’s Super Hero Squad, Unleashed!

    Megna Santhosh

    Desimartini | Updated - November 20, 2017 17:02 PM IST
    3.3DM (3771 ratings)
    Justice LeagueWatch trailerRelease date : November 16, 2017

    Back when I was five the living room reverberated with the sound of Cartoon Network all day long. Thanks to the DC animated universe, waking up to Caped crusaders zooming across the dark blue sky alongside Batman and his league kick-started my day. (Cant help but to mention Batman, Hawk girl and Wonder Woman were my personal favorites : ) Today, exactly sixteen years later I mustered the courage to tip toe into the screening of ‘Justice League,’ in a batman sweatshirt, fighting negative thoughts from seizing my nostalgic mind.
    While Marvel took ages to recruit the avengers, Batman summons a solid team in a mere time span of two hours to defend the world from Steppenwolf. Steppenwolf and his army of parademons are extra terrestrial creatures who feast off ‘fear’ cruising through the amazon and the Atlantis hunting for ‘the mother box.’ After retrieving the powerful boxes from the other two kingdoms he lands on earth to confiscate the very last mother box which was left unguarded. Without superman to safeguard the world, Bruce Wayne (As we have witnessed Superman’s death in Batman VS Superman) relies on Wonder woman to put together a team of super heroes to call it a truce between the earth and our arch enemy - Steppenwolf.
    As I fastened myself to the seat, Rooting for Bruce Wayne, it was definitely Barry Allen aka Flash (Ezra Miller) who stole the show and tickled the audience with genuine gags . The boy does emit the friendly- neighborhood -Avenger (Spiderman) vibes, managing to save the day despite his fear of insects, heights and what not making him the ultimate down-to-earth super hero whom the viewers could relate to.
    Wonder-woman (Gal Gadot)backed by an array of mind throbbing action sequences keeps our eyes glued to the screen and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) adds a touch of emotional insecurity to the story. Jason Mamoa as Aquaman was shortchanged in the movie despite pulling off a promising performance. He lacks adequate screen time and the script pretty much didn’t seem to have any dialogues for him rather than a few mockery and wits directed towards him by his team mates.
    The meticulous timing of humor and action is what keeps the movie flowing at ease. There were a few action set pieces like the fight scene between the Amazons and Steppenwolf which was quite a gleaming spectacle (Thanks to the CGI and V-effects) and so was the epic scene when the squad assembled on a Gotham city rooftop for the very first time.
    *Spoiler Alert* Batman might have his way with the Gotham city thugs but he stood no chance against the alien invaders. This is when superman resurrects with the help of the mother box to help them fight Steppenwolf and give hope to humanity. However, Superman who is unable to regain his memory; turns into a lunatic god possessed by an evil spirit. This is when the movie swaps into a roller coaster ride. With the help of his long lost love Lois Lane, Clark Kent aka Superman regains his memory and prepares for the combat. All this catastrophe for superman to kill Steppenwolf in one blow. But worth the watch! *Spoiler Alert*
    DC has certainly scored a hat trick in the superhero world! The movie absolutely serves JUSTICE to the animated series with the help of adept actors like Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa, Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher (Three Cheers to the casting team).
    Looking forward for the upcoming movies of Aquaman, Wonder woman and the notorious DC supervillain Deathstroke! Don’t forget to wait for the last bit of the story before and after the credits. Gives you a glimpse of whats in store for the upcoming movie :) Hope you guys have as much as fun as I had during the movie! Peace out!

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