• Mehul Suri

    The Devil Inside Review - Hail the devil

    Rated 3.5 by Mehul Suri Mar 2, 2012

    Short and crisp with some extremely scary moments and an unexpected ending. A good horror flick after a long time

    What started with The Blair Witch Project and catapulted into international box office success is brought once more for your eyes, almost a year before the devil takes over and the world ends. Faux documentary films is a genre that hasn't been explored much outside the reins of indie cinema but it is definitely an option worth exploring; its costs less money and time and often leaves you more emotionally charged (or drained) than proper fiction.

    The Devil Inside uses the documentary style of filmmaking to tell the story of Issabella Rossi who travels to Italy to look into the failed exorcism of her mother who now lives in a mental asylum. She enlists the help of two priests who work outside the bounds of the Vatican to help such delicate cases. What follows is a gruesome and frightening exploration of exorcism gone wrong and its after effects.

    The film has many things going for it. Its surprising crisp and short, it manages to jolt you at the right moments and of course the work of UK contortion artist Pixe Le Knot, who showcases some extremely memorable spine-wracking writing by the possessed humans in the film. The ending of the film will surprise and shock you so do stick around even if it gets too much to handle.

    The actors do justice to the vision of the director and their characters and bring in raw human energy in a supernatural setting. Horror film enthusiasts should absolutely not miss this film. It would be pure evil if you do. 3.5 stars