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  • Born to dance.

    Dev Raj Gulati

    Desimartini | Updated - July 21, 2017 21:41 PM IST
    3.2DM (4960 ratings)

    Verdict - A mast film for all age groups.

    Munna MichaelWatch trailerRelease date : July 21, 2017

    After many many years the viewers are witnessing an entertaining and engaging film in the Manmohan Desai style.Barring an out of place dream song,the rest of the proceedings are pacy and leave no time to ponder over the deficiencies.
    What's Munna Michael all about? Michael ( Ronit Roy) ,a chorous dance performer,has been laid off from his assignment ,on the pretext of his 'expiry date' being over.He has taken to bottle.What else to relieve his trauma.On a rainy day,he comes across an abandoned orphan in the waste basket.( Wasn't Krishna also born in a similar way?).Michael fosters the child who would stop crying only when the music is on.Time passes.This Munna( Tiger Shroff) has attained profficiency par excellence in dancing a la MJ.Vested interests debar him from carrying on his talent to earn in Mumbai.Munna has shifted to Delhi.Here he comes across Mahinder Fauji.a gangster( Nawazuddin Siddiqui),in the NCR hinterland.The hoodlum is enamoured with Dolly,a club dancer( Niddhi Agerwal) ,trapped in a contract in his hotel.What's the hitch? He has a fettish to be a dancer himself to be a worthy match to Dolly.Munna is hired to train him.This tutor by now has won the heart of Dolly being her ' lucky charm'.A love triangle has begun.It's sorted out only in the climax.
    Where does MM score high? Taking up a self employed profession (in this case dance) is much better than a 10 to 5 job even if it be a corporate white collared job.The dance numbers are well mounted courtsey Ganesh Acharya.We all know Tiger's forte lies in dancing.Niddhi( debutant),a runaway from Meerut, is an able foil.Nawaaz also shakes a leg - as never before.The background dancers are also able.
    The screenplay(Vimmi Datta) keeps the proceedings engaging.The spoken word is with the situation.No high sounding dialogues .
    Niddhi has been noticed.Nawaaz's characterisation of a hoodlum in love with a passion for dance is ' hatke'.There are any number of scene stealers.Twists and turns build up the drama.The point is well taken when it's said that when two men love the same girl ,the ultimate choice is left to the girl.
    The pitfalls? Tiger's dialogue delivery is feeble.Sometimes not even understood a la MSY( a politician).In contrast Nawaaz is bold and effective as his wont.The action scenes are oft repeated..In the climax scene Tiger is shown to receive a shot in the stomach ,but his thigh gets bandaged.Many things get happened 7 hours before the finale of a dancing context.All modes of transport cut across the land scape of India to thwart the finale to go through.Hundreds of mile chases in just 7 hours in a given day?
    All in all MM would be enjoyed by all sections of the audience.Go have a dekho.

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