Hindi Medium Review

  • Rahul Bharadwaj

    Rahul Bharadwaj

    Desimartini | Updated - May 19, 2017 10:49 PM IST
    3.6DM (2983 ratings)

    Verdict - Worth a watch for a different story, some great comic and emotional moments and of course Irfan Khan.

    Hindi MediumWatch trailerRelease date : May 19, 2017


    There are some movies which deserve are attention not because they are masterpieces but because they are different and have sincerity of effort written all over them. "Hindi Medium" deserves maybe a visit by those of us who claim to be votaries of sincere and different cinema. 


    Hindi Medium as a movie is lifted to a very high tangent of watchability only because of the way Irfan has delivered a role with so many shades. A loving father , a shrewd businessman and a caring husband he has delivered his job with such casual controlled intensity that you just go wow.This man stops exactly at that point from where if you go an inch ahead it becomes over acting.You have to allow yourself to be totally struck by what Irfan does in this movie.


    The next show stopper in this movie is Deepak Dobriyal. Deepak is no lesser actor , he stole the show from celebrated actors like kangana and madhavan in the tanu manu series and did a fabulous act in RGV's lesser known "not a love story". Here in this movie as the rugged , sincere and large hearted Sham Prakash - Deepak Dobriyal once again steals the show. In a small but well written role Deepak Dobriyal shows how great actors do not need sixty scenes in a movie to drive impact. Just one or two well written scenes are good enough.


    The stand out part of Hindi Medium however is not these super fabulous performances but its great comic moments and even better emotional moments. Hindi Medium also wakes us up to the demon our education system is becoming and how our obsession as parents with "up-market" schools could well be a reason to blame. Sure Hindi Medium is based on the back drop of Delhi and how difficult it is in that city to win your child good education but as an Indian parent living in any of our big cities trust me Hindi Medium will touch a cord with you.


    Hindi Medium is probably not a movie which I will put in the bracket of unmissable classics but if you are inside the multiplex or near it and you plan to kill some time then trust me Hindi Medium is more than a good kill time option. Give it a shot.

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