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B.A. Pass Review - by Rony D'costa

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B.A. Pass
B.A. Pass Review - B.(R).A. Fail

Plot – Mukesh(Shahdab Kamal) is an introvert kid who visits a graveyard to play chess with his friend Johnny(Dibyendu Bhattacharya). A visit to the neighborhood married ‘Aunty’ Sarika(Shilpa Shukla) turns his life upside  down into days filled with passionate sex and lots of quick money . After a few of days of living a colorful existence life takes a depressing turn for Mukesh as he gets sucked into a world he never imagined he would inhabit.

Review – The film flows smoothly till the interval.  Though, in the sex scenes the director doesn’t make any breakthrough like Q’s Gandu. Thanks to maybe the fear of the censor board the bra always stays on Shilpa Shukla and so does the pant on Shadab Kamal. Most of the scenes looked like an ad film for a lingerie company. What we get in the name of erotica is some awkward and unreal looking make out scenes. To give credit to the director he does try to shoot it aesthetically not making it look like it was intended for cheap thrills. It is in the 2nd half that the film loses its flow and goes haphazard in trying to find a perfect resolution. Shadab kamal’s performance which was impressive in the 1st half turns amateurish the moment he has to scream and shout to reveal the emotional unsettlement in his life. Shilpa Shukla’s character stays one dimensional and we don’t get to know her motives behind some of the things she does. Like always Rajesh Sharma as Shilpa Shukla’s husband stays perfectly comfortable in the skin of his character even though he gets very little screen time. Ajay Bahl makes an assured debut as a director and cinematographer in the first half but shows the lack of hold over his subject as a director in the 2nd half.


Word of mouth – We have still not evolved to make a convincing erotic drama.  Till the time some boundaries are not pushed it is better not to attempt such films.

Rating - ** ½ ( Unexceptional)


Ticket Meter – worth 150 bucks

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