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Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Review - by Rony D'costa

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Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana
Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana Review - Luv shuv tey hero purana

There's lot to like in this film. Top of my list is Rajesh Sharma as Titu mama. This character deserves a separate film for him. There's also Daarji and Buaji but even with all this lovely characters and some wonderful moments the film ended up as boring and bland. Not even Amit Trivedi's fantastic music could save it.

Omi (Kunal Kapoor) has to return to Punjab from London to arrange money he has to pay Munish Makhija (Udhham Singh from Channel V). His plan is to steal that money from his Daarji (Vinod Nagpal). He believes that Daarji's dhabha is doing quite well but when he lands up in Punjab he finds out that the dhabha has shutdown, Daarji is not keeping well, has lost his memory and with it the Khurana's have lost the recipe of his famous dish chicken Khurana. In his search of the secret recipe Omi finds the secret ingredient of life.

Debutant director Sameer Sharma tells this story at its own pace establishing characters and showing us a quieter Punjab that was missing in the loud portrayal of Punjabis in Hindi movies. Filled with wonderful characters and an ensemble cast to support it the only area which the film falters is in its lead actor.

Though Kunal Kapoor plays his part earnestly he doesn't have the charisma or screen presence to connect with the audience.

There are sprinkles of wonderful moments and scenes like the flashback love story of Daarji and his wife, Buaji's scene with Kunal and a hilarious scene that involves underwear. Add to all of this, every scene that has Rajesh Sharma in it. Barring Jeet (Rahul Bagga) and his love track everything fits in fine. The pace of the screenplay is extremely laidback. Though this kind of pace worked for me in Swades( written by Sameer Sharma) here it tends to get lethargic. Even Huma Qureshi could not add spark to the proceeding.

Luv Shuv ends up as an example of how everything else falls apart if you don't get your lead actor right.

Word of mouth - Luv shuv tey chicken Khurana is good in intention and is sprinkled with some lovely moments but ends up as boring and bland.

Rating - *** (Above average)

Ticket meter - Worth 150 bucks.

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