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War Horse Review - by Rony D'costa

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War Horse
War Horse Review - Good but emotionally empty

Early in the film Albert teaches Joey (the horse)to come to him every time he whistles. In that one scene i saw the climax of the film. Joey will be in a death like situation , albert will whistle and like the good old hindi films two lost brothers will find each other. War horse is that predictable.

What's it about? - It is the story of Joey's journey as he goes from one person to another during world war 2 and we see war from his perspective.

How is it? - good But emotionally empty.

Janusz Kaminski is THE big reason why this 2 1/2 hour film does not bore you for a moment. Just for his work it deserves to be seen on the big screen. Spielberg pushes all the right buttons when it comes to evoking emotions but except stray moments the film has a strange emptiness. It comes across as several short stories woven into one film. The idea of seeing the war from the horse point of view doesn't come across too well.even the story of albert and joey is left unattended mid way Leaving you completely disconnected.
what stayed with me were the moments between Joey and the black horse and also the story of two brothers.

Final few words - some books are un film-able. War Horse looks like one of them. Even Spielberg was not able to create any magic.

Rating - ***

ticket meter - worth 200 bucks only for the visuals.

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