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    The Artist Review - Artistry Par Excellence Feb 23, 2012 News Every once in a while a movie blind sides when you least expect it, it sweeps you off your feet, it dazzles you, makes you smile, makes you feel all choked up on the inside, makes you believe in the beauty of cinema all over again. The Artist is one of those movies.An ode to the silent-era of filmmaking, director Michel Hazanavicius labour of love, The Artist has garnered acclaim from around the globe. Its already won numerous awards and been nominated for 10 Oscars, so naturally expectations must be sky-high and for that very rare occasion, the hype is justified. This movie will have even the most sceptical of us, clapping and cheering by the time the curtains fall. The manner in which the movie wins you over is nothing short of magical to say the least. The plot concerns the downfall of a silent era actor, George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) whose successful career is suddenly put in jeopardy by the advent of talkie cinema. His downfall contrasts the rise of actress, Peppy Miller (Berenice Bejo) who ironically gets noticed amongst the crowd of hundreds thanks to a moment of serendipity with George. As George plummets to new lows, Peppys stock rises and as the world welcomes the new with much fanfare, it forgets the old as if they never existed. Peppy however doesnt forget George and at various points tries to pull him out of his freefall. Will George ever accept the changes the world brings? Will he rise like the phoenix again? The show will still go on folks...Michel Hazanavicius expertly mimics the technical styling of the silent-era films and doesnt merely use it as a gimmick but faithfully recreates sets, camera angles, costumes and even mannerisms adorably. You will be transported to the era and the golden age of filmmaking effortlessly. The music grows on you, accentuating the onscreen happenings and breathing a life of its own in to the film. The themes of the movie, particularly that of the advent of technology and how it renders the old obsolete, nicely compliments the very existence of the film. While Jean Dujardin & Berenice Bejo slip into their characters like an old glove, the real star of the movie for me is Uggie the dog. Adorable doesnt even begin to describe Uggie and hes sure to be loved by all those who watch the film. Jean Dujardin has a great smile and expressive eyes which he uses to great effect along with the right body language that almost instantly reminds you of the stars of the silent-era. Berenice Bejo on the other hand lives upto her name in the film and is suitably peppy without looking like shes hamming it up. There are other recognisable names in the cast with small roles such as, John Goodman, Malcom McDowell & James Cromwell. The Artists greatest strength is its simplicity and how without dialogue it manages to weave a tale that manages to touch your heart and thrill your visceral senses. Its a love letter of the highest calibre to the golden era of cinema; dont miss it for the world. Danish Bagdadi
  • Danish Bagdadi

    The Artist Review - Artistry Par Excellence

    Rated 5.0 by Danish Bagdadi Feb 23, 2012

    Verdict - Don't Miss it!

    Every once in a while a movie blind sides when you least expect it, it sweeps you off your feet, it dazzles you, makes you smile, makes you feel al... read more

  • Ameet Bhuvan

    The Artist Review - Eloquent Silence

    Rated 5.0 by Ameet Bhuvan Feb 24, 2012

    Verdict - The cinematic event of our times

    it takes a few minutes for the fact to sink in that the next two hours would have no dialogues and just action on screen. Once the initial awkwardn... read more

  • Mehul Suri

    The Artist Review - The art of The Artist

    Rated 4.0 by Mehul Suri Feb 23, 2012

    Verdict - Worth every accolade. Great acting, amazing screenplay and truly a memorable film

    Silence is golden. So it is little wonder that The Artist is picking up gold not just at the box-office but at award functions too. It is the kind ... read more

  • Anonymous

    The Artist Review - Its a sheep world

    Rated 3.0 by Anonymous Mar 3, 2012

    Verdict - overrated and overhyped

    Critics call it an ode to the bygone era of cinema and a risk well taken in the time of special effects, graphics and multi dimensional world of mo... read more

  • Ridhi

    The Artist Review - The Silent Artist

    Rated 3.0 by Ridhi Mar 2, 2012

    Verdict - Engaging but overrrated

    This movie is probably the most talked about movie right now. Even people who haven't watched it have formed the opinion that it is a really good m... read more

  • Ricky

    The Artist Review - artist

    Rated 3.0 by Ricky Feb 24, 2012

    Verdict - artist

    i must watch this movie read more

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