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Zindagi Tere Naam Movie Reviews - Rating

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4 Reviews

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Zindagi Tere Naam
Rony D'costa
Rony D'costa Movie Jockey
Its been a good month for Hindi movie buffs this year with films like Paan Singh Tomar, Kahaani & Lpny. Next week with Agent Vinod releasing there has been a clear window this week for an avalanche of films like Love possible, Say yes to love, Anjunaa beach, Akkad bakkad bambe bo and Zindagi tere naam. The last one fell into my lap this week.

Whats it about? Mr. Singh (Mithun Chakraborty) in his 60s is narrating a story to Ranjeeta. The story is about Siddharth (Ashish Sharma) and Anjali (Priyanka Mehta). The conflict is the same old rich girl poor boy. Boy proposes rich girl accepts, rich girls parents oppose, boy leaves girl etc etc.

How is it? Boring

The only good part about the film is when Mithun and Ranjeeta are on screen. They both are back in one film after 26 years. The newcomers are forgotten even before the film has ended and even though most of the film is set in early 70s (I assume) the costumes and cast looks contemporary. You have to find your own entertainment in this extremely boring film. I found mine in Sharat Saxena mouthing epic lines like Mohabbat zindagi ki sabse mushkil aazmaish hai par yeh aazma lene ke layak hai. And Achcha toh yeh mehmaan hai? maine socha tumhari aarzoo, tumhara armaan hai.. Ashu Trikha the director who made his debut with Deewanapan (2001) and who made Baabar(2009) which I heard was a good film has nothing interesting to say here. If the attempt was to show love of the yesteryears then he has completely failed in doing that.

Final few words Zindagi Tere Naam is the most boring 2 hours you will spend at the movies.

Rating - * (Bad)

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Neha Time-Passer
Zindagi Tere NaamApr 14, 2012
nice movie.... mithun is best forever.
gulati.devra Time-Passer
A sob storyMar 18, 2012
Zindagi Tere Naam is the umpteenth love story where the third angle is sacrificed because bigamy is the convention.This time the couple are senior ... read more
Neeraj Time-Passer
Average movieApr 2, 2012
Good performance by Mithun.

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