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Gippi Trailer

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      Gippi Trailer

      Uploaded by Pooja Bansal  on 01 Apr 2013

      It's time to relive those precious teenage moments! The moments of friendship, the crazy crushes, the best friends and the arch rivals, the embarrassing moments, the effort to adjust to one's changing body! Watch Gippi's journey as she deals with it all. Here's bringing to you the trailer of the coming-of-age story of 'Gippi', a Karan Johar movie directed by Sonam Nair. Directed By: Sonam NairProduced By: Hiroo Yash Johar & Karan JoharStarr

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      Gippi Hates School - Dialogue Promo - Gippi

      Uploaded by Pooja Bansal  on 08 May 2013

      Check out the exclusive dialogue promo of Gippi, starring Riya Vij, Divya Dutta and Taaha Shah in the lead roles.

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      Varun Dhawan wants you to meet Gippi

      Uploaded by Pooja Bansal  on 28 Mar 2013

      Varun Dhawan has a secret to admit! Watch the video to know more To meet Gippi:Like: www.facebook.com/MeetGippiFollow: www.twitter.com/MeetGippi


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