102 Not Out

102 Not Out

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Directed by : Umesh Shukla

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Bringing Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor together after 27 years, 102 Not Out is a light hearted drama directed by Umesh Shukla. Umesh, who is credited to have directed the critical and commercial success OMG: Oh My God has once again adapted a Gujarati play to make this movie. Amitabh Bachchan is playing a high spirited fu...more


“It’s heartwarming & heartbreaking at the same time! Go for it”

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A good script, excellent acting make it an absorbing, delightful family entertainer

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Two veterans Amitabh Bachhan and Rishi Kapoor get together in a movie after a long time ( Remember the song "chal mere bhai tere haath jodta hoon" ). Director Umesh Shukla director of the highly entertaining "OMG", gets hold of another Gujarati play which has an energetic 102 year old man (AB) teaching some life's lessons to his grumpy 75 year old son( Rishi Kapoor). The battle of wits is superbly played out by these two stalwarts helped by some sparkling dialogue and funny situations.
The plot is about 102 year old AB whose mental age is of a 26 year old young man and who is fast talking fast thinking as compared to his sober, serious son Rishi Kapoor who lives a simple but regimented life and hardly smiles. AB is fascinated with life and wants to live longer than a Chinese man who is 118 year old and who holds the world record. He keeps the chinese man's life size cutout in his room.(We learn that Rishi has a married son in US and there is hardly any communication with him but that is another story).
AB is not happy with the serious demeanour of his son RK and wants to convert him. He tells Rishi his son that he has decided to send him to an old age home. When Rishi refuses, he blackmails his son into performing a number of tasks if he wants to avoid going to an old age home. These are a series of heartwarming and amusing incidents which are not being mentioned here since they may act as spoilers.
A USP of this film is that though the film's main characters are 75 plus and there is no heroine or any other prominent character, it is still likely to appeal to all age groups due to its universal nature encompassing emotions, comedy, melodrama, human values etc. There are no usual box office trappings.It is one of the films which the whole family can watch together.
There are a couple of messages in the film. One is that there is a need to be cheerful and happy at all times despite the adversities. Another is that we need to look for happiness in the smaller things in llife.
A few old songs have been used to good effect like " waqt be kiya kya haseen sitam, tum rahe na tum, hum rahe na hum" from Guru Dutt's classic " Kaagaz ke phool". The credit titles are done very tastefully and bring in the mood of the film.
The story,screenplay and dialogues are excellent and there is a certain novelty which can be seen. The dialogue is sparkling and frothy in the first half and emotional and touching in the second half. Director Umesh Shukla has done a wonderful job and deserves praise for his handling of the script and the actors.
A flaw in the film? Not exactly but I found that the 102 year old was shown a little too energetic but then again I haven't seen too many 102 year olds.