5ters - Castle Of Dark Master

5ters - Castle Of Dark Master

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Directed by : G Venugopal

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5ters Castle Of Dark Master is an expedition across the real and the imaginary world undertaken by five kids who are led by destiny to fulfill their responsibility to nature in the form of an adventure. The five children, get lost in the forest, while on a school trip and they come across various thrilling adventures, the so...more

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Avinash Narasimha Raju

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Unbearable Drivel

Rated 0.5 / 5
by Ameet Bhuvan (2,108 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Last week, I was taken aback when i saw a family along with kids, small kids to boot, watching Delhi Belly in the theatre. After watching 5ters-Castle of Dark Master, I now feel kids are better off watching an adults only film like Delhi Belly than be subjected to such ludicrous film making.

A bunch of school kids get lost in a jungle and find themselves in the midst of the Dark Master who is planning to take over the world (yawn!!!). The Dark Master looks like a reject form LOTR's local remake, the kids are uniformly irritating and grating on the nerves. The story, the lack of it for most parts, is yawn inducing to the core, and no self respecting child would actually enjoy such lack of creativity and imagination.

We need to understand that special effects are not our cup of tea, and stop attempting it. Special effects in this film are pathetically immature, a five year old would have better imagination than the film's creative team.

I could not stand the film post interval and actually walked out of the theater. If you have kids, please for the sake of their childhood, dont take them to this nonsense. Films like this explains why hollywood kids films are so popular even with adults here in India.