7 Khoon Maaf

7 Khoon Maaf

3.3 1,083 Ratings

Directed by : Vishal Bhardwaj

Release Date : | Length : 154 Minutes

  • Critics Rating 3.0/5
  • MJ Rating 2.4/5
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The romantic misadventures of Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, a beautiful lass who over the course of thirty-five odd years, gets married seven times due to the untimely and mysterious deaths of half a dozen of her hapless husbands. The strange circumstances of their deaths, makes Susanna a prime accused. Did the husbands deserv...more


“A fascinating story of a fascinating woman brought alive by smart storytelling, great music and stellar performances.”

7 Khoon Maaf Box Office

  • Gross: INR 19.26 cr.
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7 Khoon Maaf Audience Review

Movie fizzled only Priyanka sizzled

Rated 2.5 / 5

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The task is daunting but has to be done, some like Vishal Bharadwaj are in the league of fearless men who direct movies that have something new. Unfazed by the public reaction he still takes this task of again remaking a famous writer's piece of literature into a good and watchable movie. The director this time chose Ruskin Bond's short story, Susanna's Seven Husbands and made it into a celluloid for the weekend movie buffs. Hence the task of re-writing a short story into a full length movie may be a difficult one, but as said in the first life, the director is fearless. Our leading lady is wooed not one not two but none the less seven times, yes seven times in her search of love but still doesn't find it.
Beautiful and spirited Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes played by Priyanka Chopra playes roles from a 20 to a 65 year old in this movie and followed by a line of husbands which unfortunately do not fit her bill of the love of her life and thus die form her hands. Her husbands include Major Edwin Rodriques played by Neil Nitin Mukesh, Jimmy Stetson the singer played by John Abraham, Urdu poet Wasiullah Khan played by Irrfan Khan, Moscow resident Nicolai Vronsky played by newbie Aleksandr Dyachenko, police officer Keemat Lal played by Anu Kapoor, sixth one would be Naseeruddin Shah as Doctor Modhusudhon Tarafdar and a surprise last one.
The narrator is none other than Vivaan Shah as Arun and for those who are not familiar with the name hes the son of veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah. And as the husbands come and go in our leading ladys life she after some times considered a prime suspect in their deaths. Characters are well established and no time is wasted in other shots but concentration is clearly on the cast and the story. Although a good attempt by Priyanka in performing roles that make her play roles over different ages, songs like Darling and Bekaraan are peppy but dont stay long on the viewers mind. All in all an ok attempt on a much-hyped movie.