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Directed by : Rajiv Dhingra

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Starring Kapil Sharma in his second big screen outing, Firangi is a historical comedy drama directed by Rajiv Dhingra.


“Despite the promise it builds, Firangi sadly ends up being a long drag”

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Kapil Sharma (Actor/Comedian)

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A 1920 love story of village boy and girl ; villains are a King and a British Army officer

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Rated 2.5 / 5
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This film is basically a vehicle to launch Kapil Sharma as a Bollywood actor and it doesn't do too badly towards this. Kapil is essentially a stand up comedian and his fans have admired him as such. His first acting debut called " Kis kis ko pyar karoon" was a comedy and did not do too well.
This film shows him as a simple and naive villager hopelessly in love with Ishita Dutta a girl from the nearby village. He is without a job and hence pulled up and made fun of by his father. Circumstances get him to the local British army camp where he gets employed as an assistant to the Major in charge. Kapil now wears a uniform and is respected by his family and friends. In the meantime he has fallen in love with the local village girl Ishita Dutta and approaches her parents but her grandfather( Anjan Srivastava) a true Gandhian objects to the marriage since the boy is an employee of the British Army. How Kapil uses his wits and cleverness to get the sympathy and appreciation of the grandfather forms the rest of the film.
The film is pretty straightforward in narrative and the behaviour of characters. The director has made a simple film for the masses specially Punjabis. The atmosphere is of rural Punjab and the dialogue and the settings are realistic. Keeping in mind the year 1920 the hero and heroine do not even touch each other and the romance is soft. The second half drags a bit and some of the developments seem unrealistic. There is a little bit of bufoonery and slapstick too.The climax itself appears artificial and far fetched.
Kapil Sharma has given a fairly good performance but he has miles to go in Bollywood. Ishita Dutta is adeqate in this role which requires her to look cute and shy in most of the scenes. Monica Gill is impressive as the London returned daughter of the King. The actors playing the King and the Major are also satisfactory.