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Based on honor killers, the film begins when three Delhi University students go missing in Jhanhjar, Bihar. The government appoints CBI officers Sidhant Chaturvedi and Pratap Kumar to crack the case. Investigation in the area becomes a tough task for the officers when the local police force headed by Bhura Ram, the MPs and l...more


“If you are a fan of Priyadarshan's comedies, this one is different but better (that doesn't say much though)! Watch it if no other alternatives.”

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Ajay Devgn

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  • Gross: INR 13.08 cr.
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Shockingly Shallow!

| by Danish Bagdadi |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Priyadarshan's 'Aakrosh' is such a shameless rip-off of Alan Parker's 'Mississippi Burning' (1988) that it makes the week's other release, 'Knock Out' seem original in comparison to its source material. Robin Bhatt claims story credit but what he really should have claimed was a 'cut-copy-pasting' credit instead.

Two C.B.I. agents; Pratap Kumar (Ajay Devgn) & Siddhant Chaturvedi (Akshaye Khanna), are sent to a small town in the cow belt of India to investigate the disappearance of three Delhi university students. Once there, they find corrupt cops, crooked politicians and other local goons running their own version of the 'Klu Klux Klan' called the 'Shool Sena'. The 'Shool Sena' is hard-line right-wing organization that incites & participates in caste-based violence and when they have time to spare, honor killings too. With help from locals not forthcoming initially, the two officers face plenty of hurdles in the investigation. Slowly things start to unravel with the addition of more sub-plots and characters like Geeta (Bipasha Basu); the wife of an unabashedly corrupt police inspector (Paresh Rawal) who has had a past fling with Pratap and may hold the key to the success of the investigation.

Entire scenes are lifted, dialogues are copied verbatim and even locations recreated down to the color of the walls from 'Mississippi Burning'. My basic bone of contention against the makers is not the plagiarism but the shockingly exploitative & superficial treatment of a sensitive subject matter. Action sequences, which would feel at home in a movie like 'The Matrix' or 'Tarzan' pop up for no rhyme or reason. I know this is not a documentary but a sense of plausibility would be much appreciated.

There are simply no shades of grey in any of the characters. Either they are absolutely evil or the good guys or hapless victims waiting to be butchered. Plus the agenda of the 'Shool Sena' seems to seriously lack a clear ideology. The movie might sell itself on the honor killings subject but it barely has any understanding of the concept or the mechanisms behind it. I know the caste-system is highly prevalent in small-town India but the manner in which it is shown here more for shock value than a reality check.

One of the saving graces of the movie is the cinematography which thanks to a yellowish tint adds a sort of somber yet slick look to the film.

Ajay Devgn does his usual act of strutting around wearing sunglasses and glaring at everything within a hundred meters. Akshaye Khanna is wasted in a largely thankless role. Paresh Rawal has been seen in this corrupt avatar may times before, though he does get a few nice lines. Bipasha Basu needs to stick to her workout videos. It was hilarious to watch her character in the movie being from a small village, yet in a flashback sequence wears short, bright colored dresses while frolicking around with Ajay Devgn right from five-star hotels to the remotest village roads. These village people I tell you, they can surprise you when you least expect it!!!

Like my advice for 'Knock Out'; Id tell you to do something similar, rent 'Mississippi Burning' and watch it instead.