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Directed by : Manish Manikpuri

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  • MJ Rating 1.8/5
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Aalaap is the story of a rockband that believes music is a weapon for the voice of the youth, not violence.


“The honest intentions of the filmmaker get wasted due to a bad script and uninspired acting. Skip it”

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Amit Purohit

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  • Gross: INR 0.08 cr.
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Rated 1.5 / 5

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At the box office counter when I bought my ticket for Aalaap. Two guys came to me and this conversation followed. Guy 1 : Aap Aalap film dekhne aaye hain? Me: haan Guy 2 : Kyun dekhne aaye hain? Me : majboori hai, aapne kuch kaam kiya hai usme. Guy 2 : haan. In the interval I found out one of them was the art director in the film.

Aalaap is based against the backdrop of the naxal issues in Dantewada in Chhatisgarh. As names like Jagdalpur,Bhilai,Kanker were thrown at me right in the beginning of the film the first thing I did after coming back home after the movie was to find these places on the map.

The problem with this film is not in its intention. Its good that the director ( Manish Manekpuri) wants to tell a story which needs to be told but then a story like this needs solid research and great writing to blend fact and fiction well enough to tell an engaging story.

Here the writer/director probably inspired by Rang de Basanti tells the story of 4 guys who get embroiled in the naxal issue. Rahul (Amit Purohit) is a college topper. The other 3 ( Pitobash,Aabid Shamim and Harsh Rajput) are directionless. These 3 get their 15 minute of fame because of a song they have made and because of that song they meet Rahul. An incident gives them a purpose in life and opens their eyes to what is happening around them.

Throw in Abhimnayu Singh,Vijay Raaz, Rituparna Sengupta, Raghubir Yadav, Omkar Das Manekpuri(Peepli Live) and what you get is a hotch potch disaster which even engulfs the honest intention of the film.

None of the actors leave an impression. In fact Omkar Das Manekpuri and Raghubir Yadav looked like they were still on Peepli Lives set. This looked like a role which Pitobash did prior to Shor in the city and Shanghai.the amateur rawness shows in his performance.

Thanks to some unintentional humor this film is mildly entertaining. My favorite is a scene in which one guy gets slapped and another actor with a fixed expression is looking at the guy who slapped him while waiting for his turn to say his lines. I laughed the loudest in this scene.

Word of mouth: if the bad title was not enough the film justifies the bad title.

Rating: 1.5 (Bad)

Ticket meter: worth 50 bucks

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