Action Replayy

Action Replayy

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Directed by : Vipul Amrutlal Shah

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  • Critics Rating 2.0/5
  • MJ Rating 1.9/5
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Bunty's phobia with matrimony steams from his parents Kishen and Mala's acrimonious relationship. When Bunty is given an ultimatum by his girlfriend Tanyas grandfather- to either marry her or stop seeing her, he knows he needs to fix his parents arranged marriage first. He takes his professor time machine to travel back in ti...more


“No need to replay this one. Perhaps a one time watch if you are in the festive mode.”

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Akshay Kumar

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  • Gross: INR 28.13 cr.
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Director ko dhoondo, Pakdo peeto...

| by Manu Agrawal |
Rated 1.5 / 5
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Dekhna is movie ko hai Ekk sazaa... haan SAZAA !!

If somebody tells me that this is a remake of a Gujarati play, I am going to whack him. Taking credit away from a Spielberg classic and giving it to a regional naatak is not an act of patriotism.

I am usually a sucker for anything Retro. Here, however, the retro is over as soon as the starting credits stop rolling. Show me a movie from the 1970s-80s where the heroine wears off shoulders and tank tops. And claims to be a tomboy. Neha Dhupia looked somewhat retro. Ash, definitely not.

The story goes something like this - Go to imdb and type 'Back to the future'. And please dont get misled by the 8.4/10 they have given it there. This one deserves 1.6. They have literally screwed everything they could have - the dialogues, the Indian setting, the small script changes. For posterity's sake, they lifted the time machine design from another movie - 'The Time Machine'. And the medley idea from the timeless competition in 'Hum kisi se kam nahin'. The song and costume choices are horrible, however.

The makeup artiste is so bad at his job that both Akshay Kumar and Rajpal Yadav start looking like orangutans when they are supposed to look old. There is no reasoning applied whatsoever to most of what happens in the film - in certain sequences it looks like a scene has been chopped off and the continuation scenes are still present, leaving the audience to fend for itself. Here are some of the goof-ups/oddities I observed -

1) Aditya Roy Kapoor comes from the future and befriends everybody instantaneously. Nobody gives it a second thought, except for Akshay Kumar who asks twice and is reprimanded for asking.
2) He calls all his relatives Dada, Nani, Maa, Baap and people dont smell a rat. He starts living along with his father and grandfather. No questions asked.
3) At one moment, Akshay Kumar needs 5 grand to refurbish his hotel. 2 reels later, he has redone it, bought cars, fancy costumes, undergoing makeovers without any sign of a windfall.
4) In any age or time, if a boy refuses to marry a girl whom he has an affair with, the girl's grandfather doesn't request him to 'think logically' and allow him use of his time machine. He beats the dude to pulp.

The list is endless. These are just a few idiocies that I remember. The songs are simply inserted into the story without any logic whatsoever. Therefore, even the 2(Jhatka & Nakhre) that are mildly entertaining are spoiled. Akshay Kumar is stupid. Rannvijay Singh was unrecognizable. Ash & Neha are mediocre. Aditya Roy Kapoor acts with a "Oh-I-am-so-cool-and-girls-d ig-me" attitude. Even I have plenty of that, and it doesn't work.

Bah !! What a humongous waste of time. I should have stayed home and rented Spielberg instead.