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Directed by : Karan Malhotra

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In a small Indian village Mandwa, Vijay Dinanath Chauhan is taught by his principled father about the path of fire Agneepath. His life is completely shattered when the evil drug dealer Kancha hangs his father to death. Vijay leaves for Bombay with his pregnant mother and has only one mission in life - to come back to Mandwa a...more


“Acting, music, direction, script: all superb! The second half drags with too much emotional drama, but don't let that stop you from watching the film!”

Agneepath Credit & Casting

Hrithik Roshan

Agneepath Box Office

  • Gross: INR 119.98 cr.
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Agneepath Audience Review

Rothda Vijay Dinanath Chauhan poor naam.

Rated 3.5 / 5

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After the box office debacle of the original Agneepath in 1990 Karan Johar locked himself in his room, looked into the mirror and said "meri zindagi ka sirf ek hi maqsad hai badla badla badla". Baarah saal baad he is back to take your money and his revenge, with Karan Johar's Agneepath,Agneepath,Agneepath.

What's the story? - Karan Malhotra takes the basic premise of a son seeking revenge against the person who killed his father and adds his spin to it keeping certain scenes from the original but reconstructing it in his way.

How is it? - Good(in parts)

Why? - Disclaimer : I am a huge fan of the original but even after trying hard not to I was comparing it with the earlier version.It's a bit long clocking 2hr:57min but is a true blue adaptation and should not be compared with the original. I shudder to think what Abhishek Bachchan would have done to this role which Hrithik Roshan bravely makes his own. The only characteristic I didn't like about his character was the 'crying at the drop of a hat'. The highlight of the film was the use of the 'iconic' line Vijay Dinanath Chauhan. There are lot of high moments in the film that works. In fact the first half after Hrithik Roshan's entry reminded me of Parinda. The addition of Rauf Lala's character fits in perfectly and Rishi Kapoor has played it to the gallery. What didn't work was Sanjay Dutt. His portrayal of Kancha was a pale shadow of Ballu Balram from Khalnayak. If he would have nailed his character right this adaptation would have scaled new heights. He works with his mouth shut.These days every time I see Om Puri as a police officer I feel like laughing. He looks like a caricature cum spoof of Anant Velankar. Except Chikni Chameli the songs don't work at all in the film. Pyiyanka Chopra is also an unnecessary add on. Her track with Hrithik constantly breaks the flow of the screenplay. Two people who added a lot of value to the film were Ajay - Atul. Their background score was like a strong supporting actor in the film. I don't know if this film has repeat value but in today's age if a 3hr film engages you it's a huge battle won.

Final Few words : Karan Johar's Agneepath is his revenge saga against the box office. Looks like he will get his revenge.

Rating : ***(Good in parts)

Ticket Meter : Worth going to the theatre if you have 3 hrs to spare for a few good moments.

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