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Directed by : A. R. Murugadoss

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A college student (Sonakshi Sinha) single-handedly takes on four corrupt police officers in a bid to prove her innocence.


“Starting off with enough promise, Akira’s kickass quotient slowly fizzles out!”

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Sonakshi Sinha

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Akira Review Good acting of Sonakshi and Anuraag save this topical but average film

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This is one movie which starts off on a good active mode and shows potential to grow into a gripping film of a strong woman kicking back on her tormentors but to our disappointment it goes off at a tangent in the second half leaving an average impression at the end. Essentially a woman centric film it shows that if she has grit, guts determination and is equipped with martial skills she can kick the hell out of the goons who trouble her.
( Quite a topical issue where many girls resort to easy way out and commit suicide when sexually harassed or stalked.).The movie is reminiscent of the recent Mardani and Jay Gangajal both having female police officers out to kick criminal butt.
Trained in martial skills early in her teens Akira ( Sonakshi Sinha) takes on a rowdy boy who had thrown acid on a young girl. In the melee the boy gets his face burnt and in the ensuing court case she is sent to a juvenile remand home. The rest of the story follows the routine vendetta theme and somehow towards the second half Akira is shown withdrawn and reclusive which does not look convincing.The film nosedives into an uninspiring and insipid tale bordering on defeatism and pessimism. The tempo of the film falls off rapidly. I wonder why director Murugadoss allowed this to happen.
Nevertheless the performances of Sonakshi as the protagonist and Anuraag Kashyap as the corrupt police officer are the highlight of the film.The film has a topical value and one wishes it was done in a better manner.