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Anaarkali of Aarah

Anaarkali of Aarah

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Directed by : Avinash Das

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Anaarkali of Aarah is a social narrative where Swara Bhaskar plays a street dancer and erotic singer seeking to stand up for her rights and teach those elements of society a lesson that downgrade her profession and herself. The film also stars Pankaj Tripathi and is directed by Avinash Das.


“With the compelling narrative it takes you through, this one is a definite watch!”

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Swara Bhaskar


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Anaarkali of Aarah Audience Review

Anari's slap to the lout.

Rated 4.0 / 5
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What a contrast.What we had seen so far of Swara Bhaskar - an under rated performer- was only the tip of the ice berg.She was being cast in sisterly or second/third leads in sedate and humble roles.Her first lead role of a single mother in Nill Battey Sanata was only the trailer.Her second full blown lead role in the movie under review confirms that she's a power house of talent.
Lecherous lout men do visit cabarets and dancing bar spaces .They tend to believe that these girls are an 'easy prey' and that they can be seduced/threatened to satisfy their carnal pleasure for a price.Circumstances do compel many of them to fall in the ' trap'.
Anarkali aka Anari ( Swara Bhaskar)- a stage chorous dancer in Arrah( Bihar) and talk of the town- is also encourted by one such lout( Sanjay Mishra) - head of an university - degradingly molesting her publicly during a live performance on the stage.She resists and responds with a loud ' No'.
Being courageous and upright she wants to register a complaint with the police.As happens,the in- league male cop disuades her not to go with the same.She's threatened with dire consequences .
Not being able to bear the ' rebuff',the lout offers her a large sum of money in lieu of a one night stand.This also she refuses( though she has pocketed the cash).By now Anari has been defamed by the vested interests.She escapes the 'infamy' by secretly migrating to a rented accommodation in the vicinity of old Delhi.A cassette seller of double meaning songs recogonises her.She records a number of songs.By now she's a hot property ( akin to Anuradha Paudwal for the late Gulshan Kumar ,the promoter of her devotional numbers) in her forte of singing.
Subsequently summons are issued for her arrest from Arah.She agrees to submit to the law.In the court premises she accepts to oblige the lout with his ' indecent proposal'.
What happens next? Go to see for your self.
What the reviewer liked about the movie? The issue of the 'sexual harrassment ' is universal and has a contemporary relevance.The women are facing the problem in all spaces( domestic,office,urban,rural).This needs to be sensitised and remedied.In Pink it was corrected by the courts,here it's through the ' shame for the shame' route.The performances are uniformly outstanding.You never miss a Radhika Apte for Anari's role-Swara is outstanding,tipped for an award,nor a Rajpal Yadav / Raghuveer Yadav for the tout of Anari- ably performed by Pankaj Tripathi here.Sanjay Mishra is apt in the role of a lout.The unknowns - the chorous group,the cops,the others- look real.Avinash Das scores high in his debut direction and script writing roles.The music and lyrics us in tune with the theme.Sabina Khan's choreography occupying the stage alone is bwUtuful.
To me the movie is definitely to be noticed by the critics and worthy of being awarded in different categories.
Wah kye scene hai'? The refusal scene of the ' indecent proposal',the climax scene and the scene where the ' blackish Yamuna' is labelled as the ' side effect of development' catches the eye.
Just an observation.The thought of how to face the issue of sexual harassment put across in the latest issue of HT Brunch ( by Seema Goswami) is pertinent.The context could be changed from urban to non- urban spaces.One would prefer to change the title to ' No S- - please,this is a stage' in the context of the movie reviewed herein.
Must for the discerning viewer.

Poster - Anaarkali of AarahPoster - Anaarkali of AarahPoster - Anaarkali of AarahPoster - Anaarkali of AarahPoster - Anaarkali of AarahPoster - Anaarkali of Aarah