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3.0 158 Ratings

Directed by : Ganesh Acharya

Release Date : | Length : 44 Minutes

  • MJ Rating 1.3/5
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Two uncommon people meet the most unusual way. A beautiful but challenged girl and a handsome young man are trying to make their romance flourish in a difficult social circumstance. It is easy to blame young men for taking advantage of wheelchair-bound women, but not all such men have nefarious motives. Abhay comes across a p...more


“From bad dialogues & performances to average music, it's got all. Stay away!”

Angel Credit & Casting

Nilesh Sahay

Angel Box Office

  • Gross: INR 0.06 cr.
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Rated 0.5 / 5

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"One crappy movie can actually spoil your entire day!" That's exactly how I feel after watching Ganesh Acharya's ANGEL. His earlier movie "Money Hai toh Honey Ha", which was horrible looks better in front of this one. Angel is a movie on sensitive subject and should have been handled carefully but Ganesh Acharya thought it to be a piece of cake.

Honestly, movie cannot be appreciated on any grounds, neither music nor technical nor performances. Film-makers really need to think before they handle any such subjects as this one is a complete eye-sore. Angel could have been a good attempt but bad dialogues, inefficient performances, weak screenplay and average music makes it the most awful attempt ever.

There is nothing about the movie to talk about once you out of theatre. Ganesh Acharya should have thought properly even before planning to screen such a subject as soft topics need proper emotions and strong performances to leave an impact on the audience.

As a viewer you will never empathize with Sonal (Maddalsa), a patient suffering from Cereberal Palsy. She was so expressionless that viewers never felt connected to her. Rather than sympathizing you will actually feel bored sitting and watching ANGEL.

Footer: Decent thought, horrible execution! Please Stay Away and don't bother yourself with this one.

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