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Directed by : Atul Sabharwal

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Aurangzeb is all about a world where kingship knows no kinship and where there can be only one emperor! It is a crime drama set in the world of real estate.


“Aurangzeb begins poorly but picks up in the second half. Arjun Kapoor is commendable and decent supporting performances by Rishi Kapoor, Prithviraj and Jackie Shroff make the film a one time watch.”

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Arjun Kapoor

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  • Gross: INR 22.74 cr.
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Excellent performances are highlight of this immensely watchable movie

| by Madan Mohan Marwah |
Rated 4.0 / 5
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There are 3 axioms on which this film is based.The title refers to a King by that name who was known to even get his kin out of the way to get or retain his crown. Hence " Kingship knows no kinship". Next is a line by a poet shown at the beginning " In the cavern of an infant's breast , the father's nature lives" or words to that effect which means that the son picks up the father's nature.The third thought is" Sapno se bada apna hota hai " meaning relationship with your kin is bigger than your dreams
.On these thoughts and their contradictions ,director Atul Sabharwal with the help of a good screenplay and a choice ensemble of talented actors builds up a perfectly watchable film.Since it is his first time in feature film direction, the director deserves full credit for his deft handling of this complex storyline and more importantly for extracting excellent performances from the main cast. True, there are some loose ends and the film drags at times but even the greatest directors are guilty of this. In one perspective, the film appears to be a collection of some well shot independent scenes.
The story is set in Gurgaon( Haryana ), a suburb of Delhi famous for high development of real estate. The players in this drama are the nephew/good cop ( Prithviraj), uncle/ DCP bad cop ( Rishi Kapoor), business tycoon ( Jacky Shroff ) with twin sons one good and one bad ( both Arjun Kapoor), and Anupam Kher as good brother to Rishi Kapoor.The lady characters are Tanvi Azmi( mother to twins and Jacky's wife), Deepti Naval ( Rishi Kapoor's wife),Amrita Singh ( wicked/plotting associate of Jacky) and finally seductress Sasha Agha all out to wean away Arjun from work at Amrita Singh's behest. The main plot is how Rishi Kapoor gets Jacky's bad son Arjun kidnapped and replaces him with good son to know the plans of Jacky.( As in Don ) and how complications develop due to emotional attachments.
The plots have sub plots which have sub sub plots but since the individual scenes are done well, the proceedings are kept interesting.The scenes relate to land grabbing and corruption at high places along with an undercurrent of a family feud. All these characters whether they are policemen,builder mafia,or business associate are grey tending to get black or vice versa. No one is white.They are caught up in a circle of greed, deceit, hatred, helplessness etc. There are a couple of noble intentions to balance the drama.
The music is catchy and helps to establish the mood of the film. Rishi Kapoor has given a restrained and realistic performance with negative shades, his second after Agneepath. He has tasted blood and I think his future assignments will be these type of roles.( Movie buffs will remember that Rishi had a long time back done a negative role in a not so prominent film whose name I forget) .Jacky Shroff has given one of his better performances. The real surprise is the intense role played by Prithviraj ( known for his body building
scenes in the forgettable Aiyya).He has done very well and reminds us of Aamir of Talaash. Anupam Kher has done a very small role which needed to be expanded. Arjun Kapoor fresh from his Ishaqzade role has done the double role nicely and his fans will increase but the inexperience is showing. All 3 senior ladies have given good support in this mancentric drama . Newcomer Sasha Agha has a good role but it could have gone beyond the skin show ( not her fault anyway).
Special mention must be made of the superb cinematography by Karthik Ganesh which gives impression of sober black and white whenever required in the film to create the mood. Almost all the backdrops are of concrete jungle ( some unfinished ) which create the required ambience. The outdoors also focus on the sinister backyard of the city. Editing this film must have quite an exercise and director involvement must have been high to give it the necessary flow.
Actually this film deserves a little more than 3 stars but I will give it 4 because of the excellent direction by Atul Sabharwal where he has been able to extract fantastic performances from his actors