Babloo Happy Hai

Babloo Happy Hai

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Directed by : Nila Madhab Panda

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It is a story set in the fast-paced times we live in today, concerning those who are forced to move the fastest - our youth. Amidst the common notions of irreverence and rebellion, the youth of today is troubled by many questions, puzzled by many choices, battling with a lot of pressures; wandering perhaps, but not entirely l...more


“Entertaining in parts, Babloo Happy Hai tries to combine a socially relevant message about AIDS awareness with commercial cinema. It doesn't succeed entirely which it would have with a focussed script.”

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Sahil Anand

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Dont Worry Be Happy!

Rated 2.5 / 5
by Aneela Zeb (219 DM Points) | See all my reviews

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Let me tell you at the outset this is no My Brother Nikhil. Neither is it the sappy means gritty Phir Milenge. But it is an earnest effort to understand young India's tryst with their sexuality, with a PSA about safe sex and understanding being HIV+ thrown in into the mix. What I should give the team credit for is the most ' positive' depiction of gay relationships (and characters) in recent Hindi cinema. A true sign of maturity for such a young team.

The movie starts out with a raucous bachelor party thrown by two friends for their friend who goes on to charm and have (what everyone assumes) a one night stand with a mysterious young woman. Mysterious young woman is three times hotter than all three of them combined , five times more cool and lackadaisical about life than the bridezilla fiancee. However post sunset her drinking fangs come out and she is wont to sink in her teeth into the closest bottle.

Bridezilla and her posse are attending a wedding and volunteering at a "project"--though it may seem they are auditioning for THE SIMPLE LIFE--PARIS HILTON GOES TO MANALI . The boys are on a road trip and take a pit stop at the wedding so Bridezilla can show off her fiance; fiance friends can chat up Bridezilla's girlfriends. There is a snow storm and the ' project' site becomes one big dorm. This gives the film makers an occasion to show how running a NGO on public health means lots of pranic breathing, synchronised yoga rounding up the evening with a session of salsa. And then the secrets start tumbling out.

Do watch the movie if you want to do your good deed of the week and dont have the stomach to sit in through Twelve Years A Slave. It is all easy. No brain cells get killed during the course of the film and there is a hilarious interaction with a shop keeper in Manali that will keep you giggling for quite some time!

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