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Directed by : Sriram Raghavan

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Badlapur is a crime dark drama with an interesting game of taking action and responsibility, of being able to -- and not being able to -- forgive and make sacrifices. The film delivers top-notch thriller, which gives a little imagination of how a happy man’s life changes into an unstable emotional state, and the twist beco...more


“Badlapur's brilliance lies in its unpredictable climax, unforgettable performances and unmatched direction! ”

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  • Gross: INR 49.62 cr.
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Badlapur Audience Review

A well-intentioned movie that makes promises it cannot quite keep!

| by Krishna Sripada |
Rated 3.0 / 5
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With rain, clouds, dark undertones and a depressing narrative clinging on to a cynical approach to life, Badlapur meanders along from one idea to another; as if the maker is trying to make up his own mind as to how to deal with his characters. If the director of the movie, Sriram Raghavan was the same one who made the brilliant Johnny Gaddar, you cannot help but expect interesting things. Badlapur, starring Varun Dhawan as Raghu and Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Liak, is a crime-revenge drama, as the title so boldly suggests. It starts as a gripping tale, with plenty of Anurag Kashyap-like elements. It aims at being a bold revenge thriller that stoops down to the dirty reality. Yet, somewhere in the whole stylish intricacy of making a revenge story last a long fifteen year timeline, the movie loses plenty of fizz.

Raghu loses his wife(Yami Gautam) and son, killed during a bank robbery. No amount of persuasion and force can coax Liak to give out the name of his partner, as he keeps claiming his innocence. Raghu loses his purpose of living and settles in a grim town called Badlapur, in a grim looking flat that has a strange Sorcese-thriller-feel about it. Raghu eventually gets an opportunity to avenge the deaths of the two lives he cared most about. He is all about cold-hearted revenge, of the kind that has lost its moral compass. He doesn't mind sexual abuse on the lovers of the men he thought were responsible for his tragedy. The movie moves along from Raghu's lonely life as he leaves his original world behind to live with his memories, to Liak's life in the jail. In between other characters like a lady from the NGO to rehabilitate criminals or the inspector whose only open case is that of the bank robbery that ruined Raghu's life. Eventually though, the director plays around even with those characters, showing their fallibility and vulnerability. Jhumli(Huma Qureshi) a sex worker, eventually has the final lines, raising pertinent questions around the whole idea of second chances.

Anil Mehta's cinematography provides a depressing look that suits the screenplay. Sachin-Jigar do not disappoint with the score either in a movie that is down to business right from its first minute. The casting is brilliant too, whether it is Varun as a broken-hearted husband pining for revenge or Nawazuddin Siddiqui, the depraved, often-victimised criminal with loads of grey shades. Nawazuddin steals the show and is fast becoming one of the best actors of this generation, or more aptly, establishing himself as that, with the talent that was never under any doubt. Huma Qureshi and Radhika Apte, the two ladies in the movie are equally brilliant, while Yami Gautam hardly has a few minutes. All in all, it is a movie that aims to become a serious thriller and yet, fails to achieve it, due to lack of clarity in the director's own head as to what should be done with the characters. Nevertheless, it is a decent watch, especially with subtle and sarcastic humor!

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